At First Presbyterian Preschool we believe that children benefit most when families are involved in a collaborative effort with the school and teacher to provide the best early learning experiences for their children.  We encourage families to be involved, interact with each other, share their talents, and learn together. 

We offer opportunities for parents to participate throughout the year.  In addition to classroom events and activities and all-school happenings, there are PAT Chats regularly scheduled where parents come together to learn and discuss a topic linked to parenting in today's world.  Refer to the Announcements page for the date of the next PAT Chat. 

Our community of learners includes not just young children but the adults who love and care for them as well. 

First Presbyterian Franklin Preschool

Family Handbook



2 Year Old Program:

The 2 Year Old Program operates Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. Children may be enrolled for either a two-day session Tuesday and Thursday or a three-day session Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

3 Year Old Program:

The 3 Year Old Program operates Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. Children may be enrolled for either a two-day session Tuesday and Thursday or a three-day session Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

4 Year Old Program:

The 4 Year Old Program operates Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m.  Children may be enrolled for either a two-day session Tuesday and Thursday, or a three-day session  Monday, Wednesday and Friday, or a four-day session Tuesday through Friday.

5 Year Old Program:

The 5 Year Old Program operates Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m.  Children may be enrolled for either a three-day session on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, or for a four-day session Tuesday through Friday.

Kid’s Club:

The after school program operates Monday through Friday from 1:00 p.m. until 2:55 p.m. dependent on sufficient enrollment.  Children, ages 3-5, may be enrolled for 1 – 4 days a week on a semester basis.  This program is available to students who are currently enrolled in preschool.


The Preschool begins regular classes approximately the third week in August and runs through approximately the third week in May.  The Preschool will be closed for most federal holidays, Christmas and Spring breaks, and other days as noted on the Preschool calendar.

Unless otherwise notified, the Preschool will follow Williamson County Schools (WCS) on closing for inclement weather.  If WCS opens one hour late, the Preschool will open one hour late.  If WCS opens two hours late, the Preschool will open two hours late.  Parents should watch local news or check the website to determine if preschool is closed.  


A non-refundable annual registration fee is charged per child and is due with the child’s application form at time of registration.  

Preschool tuition is reviewed and established yearly.  For more information concerning fees and tuition, please refer to the “Preschool Payment and Withdrawal Policy” or call or speak to the Preschool Director.


Children registered to attend the Preschool must be two years old by August 15 of the upcoming school year.  Children must be toilet trained to be in our 3, 4 or 5 year old programs.  Pull-ups are allowed in the 2 year old room but not in classrooms for older children.  Diapers are not allowed in the 2 year old classroom.

Preschool registration is conducted each spring.  First Presbyterian Church members, current students and siblings are offered advanced registration typically held one week prior to general registration.  Remaining spots are filled on a first come, first served basis.  

First Presbyterian Church Preschool does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, national origin or other characteristics protected by law.


Every child has a gift of music and the ability to use and enjoy it.  Music classes meet weekly for 30 minutes as the “young musicians” study the basic elements of music: pitch, dynamics (loud/soft), rhythm and meter, and tempo (fast/slow).  In addition to their voices, other instruments are played and explored.  Folk songs, songs with movement, and Biblical songs are learned.  Our weekly music classes include, on a regular basis, music that teaches the children about God’s love, the Bible, Jesus as our Good Shepherd, and prayers sung or spoken.  Classes are lively and enjoyable.  The primary goal and focus of music is for the children to love making music.


First Presbyterian Church Preschool believes that knowledge of God and the teachings of the Bible and of Jesus are central to the development of a whole, complete person.  Children learn values and habits, which last a lifetime, at an early age.  Through classroom lessons and once-a-week chapel programs, First Presbyterian Church Preschool teaches children about God’s love for us.   The children say a blessing before eating.

The Chapel program offers an opportunity to develop spiritually and to learn the great truths of the Church.  The children hear Biblical stories which convey God’s great love for us.  The weekly Chapel program meets in our church sanctuary familiarizing the children with a place of worship.


Preschool teachers have many years of experience working with and teaching young children.   The Director, Assistant Director, Teachers and most Teacher Assistants have college degrees.   As part of their continuing education, all staff members participate in a variety of professional development opportunities related to Early Childhood Education on an annual basis.  All staff receive annual training in detecting, preventing and reporting child abuse and maintain First Aid / Child and Infant CPR / AED certificates.


It is required that all children be covered by the Preschool’s accident insurance policy.  The policy is a supplemental policy.  The fee for this coverage is included in the registration fee.


Each child shall bring from home a lunch that he/she can manage by himself/herself.  Please take into consideration that a nutritious lunch is mandated by the state.  Lunches must include a protein source, two fruits and/or vegetables, a grain and fluid milk according to federal and state standards. Do not send messy pre-packaged foods such as pizza lunchables, taco lunchables, and Go-Gurts.  Also, please refrain from sending candy in lunches.  Milk will be provided to all children unless there is an allergy or intolerance.  

Children enrolled in 2 or 3 year old classrooms will have a daily snack in addition to lunch.  Your child’s teacher will clarify the snack procedure for that classroom during orientation.


Children need to be free of fever, vomiting or diarrhea for 24 hours before returning to school.   If a child contracts a communicable (contagious) disease, please contact the Preschool in a timely manner so that notice can be given to other families.  Please notify the preschool by email or phone if your child will be absent.


We believe that the goal of positive discipline encounters is to help children develop self-control and internal discipline.  We use problem solving techniques, positive reinforcement and redirection whenever possible to modify behavior.  Helping children develop strategies for solving conflicts and problems with peers, as well as how to manage feelings and emotions, is an important part of learning. At all times, we strive for children to have a feeling of self-worth and acceptance. Following guidelines established by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), First Presbyterian Preschool is committed to developmentally appropriate practices that incorporate knowledge of typical child development, knowledge of individual children’s development, and sensitivity to social and cultural differences.  In the event a child’s behavior becomes disruptive, the teacher and director will work with the family toward a solution that benefits the continued social and emotional growth of the child as well as preserving a safe learning environment for other children in the classroom.


Children, ages 4 & 5, may go on class field trips and outings. When these occur, the Preschool requests at least four parents per class drive and accompany the children.  It is required that children be in appropriate car seats.  Please provide a car seat if you are not driving.  Teachers are not permitted to transport children on field trips.


Please dress children in washable play clothes.  We paint and participate in messy activities.  For safety purposes the Preschool requests that children wear closed-toe shoes at all times when at school.  Children will be climbing and running.  They will need appropriate footwear.  Children also need appropriate outerwear for the weather conditions.  We go outside daily unless there is active precipitation.  The Preschool will provide a tote bag for each student.  A change of clothes kept inside the tote bag is required.  Please put the child’s name on all articles they bring and wear to school. The Preschool is not responsible for lost items.


First Presbyterian Preschool’s curriculum is transitioning over a period of years to an emergent curriculum.  This concept, also referred to as the Project Approach, builds upon the interest of the children enrolled in the class and permits extensive study that deepens, strengthens and enriches learning.  Pre-academics are taught through the project.  As children study a particular topic, they are introduced to a variety of content subjects and build upon previous knowledge.  In this manner, children not only learn literacy, math, and science content in age-appropriate ways but also learn how to hypothesize, research, document and collaborate.  

The Preschool verifies content development with the Tennessee Early Learning Developmental Standards (TN-ELDS).  These standards were developed by early childhood professionals across the state and are approved by the TN Department of Education.  The standards are designed to address development from birth through PreK and align with state kindergarten standards.  Every classroom has a copy of the standards relevant to the age child enrolled in that classroom.  A copy is available in the office for parent review.  In addition, First Presbyterian Preschool annually polls public and private schools in the Williamson County service area to update a kindergarten readiness list that is provided to families during the PreK year.

Handwriting Without Tears is one component of our curriculum.  This multi-sensory approach teaches and reinforces letter and number recognition and proper formation of upper case and lower case letters.  Two year olds are introduced to the shapes used for capital letter formation, three year olds use the shapes for capital letter formation, four and five year olds learn lower case formation, five year olds use handwriting in an increasing variety of ways.

This same developmental process is applied to every component of content introduced by teachers.  For children, it’s like climbing a staircase – one step before the next, always moving up to the next level.   For example, color awareness moves from basic color identification, beginning with favorite colors to understanding primary and secondary colors, to identifying color hues, shades and tones.

While all academic topics are covered for kindergarten readiness, the Preschool is committed to formation of social and emotional skills such as making friends, being polite and considerate, problem-solving and negotiation skills, communication and conversation.  The Preschool also provides opportunity for children at each developmental level to work on executive functioning skills.  The seven skills listed as vital for life success are focus and self-control, perspective taking, communicating, making connections, critical thinking, taking on challenges, and self-directed, engaged learning.  


Please park in designated parking spaces only.  Please do not park in front of the mailbox or in the fire lanes around the church.  Vehicles must not be parked in lanes of traffic. 


The Preschool has an open door policy.  Anytime your child is on the premises, you have access to the building and classroom.  Parents receive information through emails, classroom meetings, PAT Chats, and monthly newsletters and calendars.  Parent-Teacher conferences are provided twice a year.  We encourage parent involvement through a variety of volunteer opportunities.  We request that parents not use their cell phones while in the preschool so focus can be placed on the child and communication with the teacher.


The First Presbyterian Church Preschool is governed by a committee made up of: church members with children enrolled in the Preschool, church members at-large, elders of the church, and the Preschool Director.  These persons volunteer their time and serve on a rotating basis.  As with all ministries of First Presbyterian Church, the Preschool is under the review and control of the elected Session of First Presbyterian Church.


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